The Bakers - Interior Design / Tulcea, Romania

Programme: Cafe-Bar-Bakery
Project type: Interior Design
Client: Private
Author: Arh. Monika Badulescu
Gross floor area: 200 mp
Project: 2015
Construction: 2015
Furniture and Upholstery: Samuel Mobilier
Photo: Bogdan Florea

The Bakers is a conceptual space where coffee, bakery and bar are reunited for an innovative experience. The industrial style marked with the section of the piles brings surprising elements. The space has a very long floor plan form that was sequentially fragmented through different finishes of the walls and serving areas. Three frameworks, two on one side of the entrance and one on the other side creates an inviting atmosphere  from the outside and a street contemplation area from the inside. The interior pendulate through a mix of rough and fine elements. The piles and beans complete unpolished are counterpointed  by the elegant marble bar counter and the glass cases. The color of the ceiling and piles are counterbalanced by the lights, carefully placed and the brick texture.